What age can people join?

We welcome all abilities from the age of 6 upwards.

What days are training sessions?

We train on a Wednesday 7pm-8pm and a Friday 6pm-7pm.

How much will it cost? 

Each session costs £4.  You are invited to try 8 trial sessions after which you are required to take out a yearly membership package, the costs of which are: 
-£30 non-competitive
-£45 competitive (includes England Athletics Registration)
 plus the £4 per session.

What does my membership and session fees pay for? 

 Membership fees go towards purchasing new equipment for the club, and in terms of your competitive membership that also covers your yearly  athlete registration with England Athletics and competitive league registration fees. Your session fees pay for the hire of the facilities and any resining goes towards equipment and coach development.

Are your coaches paid?

No, all of our coaches and helper are volunteers. However, the club does endeavour to help with the costs of developmental courses and travel expenses.

What age can my child compete?

There are some competitions available such as sports hall which you can compete from the age of 8, however all other competitive competitions are from age of 9.

Do you have to compete?

No. After completing your 8 trail sessions you can choose either a competitive or non-competitive membership of which you can always change if ever you want to.

Do I need to wear specific clothing?

For training normal sports attire is fine, however competitive members will need an official club vest for competitions. These as well as other merchandise are all available on:

What events can I do?

All events are available (some are adapted based on ages) and we encourage the athletes to try all of the run, jump and throws events.

Is my child going to be safe if I leave?

All parents are welcome to stay at sessions however if you do have to leave we will take down a contact number.  All of our coaches are Enhanced DBS check  and First Aid trained so should an incident happen you will be contacted ASAP. 

If you have any other questions not answered above please feel free to email us on woodbridgewolvesac@gmail.com